Plastic Injection

Fortune offers you, the customer, a wide range of Plastic Injection Molding Machinery to choose from. Click on any of the links below for additional information.

All Electric Injection Molding Machines – 55-110 U.S. tons

All-electric injection molding machines eliminate the need for hydraulic oil. Accordingly, oil-connected maintenance and safety measures become unnecessary with considerable reduction of the operating costs as a direct consequence. Also, no costs accrue in the erection of new production shops for oil separation measures, and there is no expensive disposal of oil-contaminated components and materials. The heat release of all-electric machines is very low. Therefore, the costs for the air-conditioning of the production hall can be considerably reduced. In comparison to hydraulic elements, which are sensitive to dirt in the oil, electromotor and mechanical drives are less liable to faults. In fact, field experiences with the machines supplied so far are in line with the expectation of a superior uptime availability of all-electric machines in comparison to hydraulic equivalents.
Fortune V-Alpha Series

Toggle Injection Molding Machines – 55-275 U.S. tons

Designed for your universal processing applications this series of machinery is fast, accurate and has excellent repeatability. This Fortune injection moulding machine can help you reach a maximum productibility on a wide range of materials.
Fortune Vs Series

Toggle Injection Molding Machines – 121-198 U.S. tons

In Fortune’s Ve series they have four different size machines, they are the Ve-90, Ve-120, Ve-140 & ve-180. The Ve-90 is an extremely economic and efficient machine which is the smallest machine in the Ve series but with all the controls of the bigger machines. The Ve-120 and Ve-140 makes processing of the most difficult materials easy. With its practical, strong design and easy to use controllers. The Ve-180 is the biggest machine in our Ve series which gets the job done every time. When you are faced with tight production schedules, squeezed profit margins and stringent quality standards the Ve Series will help you complete and win in the ever demanding plastics market.
Fortune Ve Series

Other Models Available:

  • Vl-Series – 880-1760 tons
  • Vr-Series – 385-605 tons
  • Vr ‘CE’ Series – 55-275 tons
  • Vh-Series – 22-44 tons