Coolants & Cleaners

Machine tool industrial lubricant and coolant formulas called LIQUID ICE Coolants, are a totally new industrial lubricant/coolants that keep machining operations cool even as cutting temperatures approach 1400 degrees at the tool tip.

LIQUID ICE brand Coolant and Lubricants are clear, 100% water-soluble, machine tool industrial lubricant and coolants for the metalworking industry. Machine tools require an industrial lubricant/coolant that is high performance and long lasting. Dramatically better tool life is achieved by the superior lubricity and cooling capability of LIQUID ICE Coolants. These industrial lubricant/coolants have been formulated to provide clear, clean chip flow with no stickiness on industrial machine tools, parts or chips. LIQUID ICE Coolants do not produce mists, vapors or odors.

Machine tool industrial lubricant and coolant – LIQUID ICE Coolants are suitable for all types of machine tools; grinding equipment, milling machines, machining centers, boring mills, turning centers, covering all types of metal working cutting and grinding industrial operations. In addition, LIQUID ICE Coolants are non-toxic, non carconogenic, emit no smell, are resistant to bacteria growth in the porduct, and have no harmful fumes, keeping the work environment clean and healthy.

Because LIQUID ICE Coolants are Clear in appearance, they allow greater visibility when monitoring the cutting process. The corrosion inhibitors in LIQUID ICE Coolants privide the optimum in tarnish and corrosion prevention on all ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The ingredients in LIQUID ICE Coolants are highly biodegradable according to EPSA, DIN, ASTM or standard methods. LIQUID ICE Coolants are harmless to the environment and contain no hazardous or toxic materials.

All our Coolant products, HP, HPX and VP are the first fully water souluble coolants, which are made without using harsh chemicals, solvents or alcohol which cause adverse paint reactions and can attack seals and electrical connections. Liquid Ice products are safe to operators and do not cause dermatitis.

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Liquid Ice ClearPower LF is a low foaming cleaner/degreaser for the metal working industry. ClearPower LF does not contain solvents or phenol, and is phosphate free. It also does not contain silicates, which can leave a powdery residue on machined parts and machinery. Liquid Ice ClearPower LF is a heavy duty alkaline cleaner which will quickly remove heavy oil and grease deposits on steel and other ferrous metals, making it the perfect cleaner to use in your parts washers at a 2 – 5% concentration at either room temperature or heated to 140 to 160 degrees farenheit. ClearPower LF is not recommended for cleaning aluminum or brass work pieces. ClearPower LF dries quickly leaving long lasting corrosion protection on your cleaned parts. Liquid Ice ClearPower LF is a multi-purpose cleaner which is powerful enough to clean the toughest, grimiest machinery using only a 5% (20:1) dilution, and is the perfect cleaner agent to use to prepare your machinery for any Liquid Ice Coolant product.