Kentech Machinery, Inc. CNC Service Rate Policy

1. Field Service Rates
Daily: $140.00 per hour
Travel time: $140.00 per hour
Overtime & Weekends $210.00 per hour
Travel time on weekends: $210.00 per hour
Ballbar Usage Fee: $400.00 per machine *** plus Regular Labor Rate ***
Note: Overtime Rates are calculated based on anything over 10 hours daily (Regardless of weekly totals).
A minimum of 4 hours On-site will be charged per service call per day not including travel.
*** Ballbar usage fee may be reduced if multiple machine testing is requested. ***

2. Transportation
Transportation (including local transportation, air travel, and rental cars) will be charged at actual cost plus travel hours. Personal automobile mileage is charged based on actual travel time + fuel cost. Transportation charges will be based upon the most direct travel, starting in Indianapolis, IN/ Louisville, KY /Tullahoma, TN / Linden, TN to the customer’s facility and back.

3. Expenses
$300.00 per day per diem for Meals & Lodging per Engineer.
Airfare and Parking fees: will be charged at cost.

4. Service Parts and Materials
Parts and materials required for the completion of the service will be invoiced as separate line times based up. Kentech Machinery’s current book price with any agreed upon discounts.

5. Service Performed at Kentech Machinery, Inc.
Service performed at Kentech Machinery will be invoiced based upon a time and material basis at the same hourly rate as listed for field service.

6. Payment Terms
Payment terms for service work are net 30 days after completion of service.